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Test and replicate our approach worldwide

by Rebecca Hueting, dissemination team @ Deep Blue Italy

Since the beginning of the project our research team planned to test and replicate our approach worldwide. During the last months the team composed by Consortium members from VUB, BAX&Company and Deep Blue could visit already five international pilot sites. In each site we designed and organised tailored MAMCA sessions, in order to accomodate participants’ needs.

In Relleu and Vega de Valcarce we could run the workshops in person with citizens and local administration representatives in a very informal setting, with partners speaking the local language and providing short training about the local energy system context and the use of the MAMCA tool.

In Bèli Bartoka and Szaserow the workshops took place online and most participants were already well informed about energy topics, so the focus was on collecting their needs and criterias using the MAMCA tool.

In Auroville the community members had a high level of awareness concerning their local energy context and future objectives, but instead of collecting needs and criterias through individual mobile devices we decided to run the MAMCA session as a collective discussion and voting was done by moving hands on the left or right side depending on the personal opinion about criteria weights.



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