The project will support industry leaders in analysis and design tools as well as energy management platform delivering services. The envisioned suite of tools aims to increase the share of energy that is produced locally, from renewable sources when available, with a clear market focus, making them widely replicable across Europe.

In order to validate the suite of tools, their application will be demonstrated in real-life pilots in Belgium, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands.

Each site represents different end-user groups, integrates different combination of energy vectors and faces diverse challenges when it comes to design of local energy systems.  By avoiding the investment in hardware on pilot sites, RENAISSANCE focuses on the replication rather than the implementation of energy islands allowing to envision a future free of fossil fuels. Demonstrators, owned by different actors in the value chain, will allow to discover requirements and business models in the smart grid value chain.

Each Pilot Site will be served by the Renaissance Platform, setting the basis for a “universal” interoperability framework for data and service exchange among nodes.