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Eemnes, The Netherlands


Site overview

Eemnes is a 3600-household town located in the centre of the Netherlands, 35 kilometers from Amsterdam. Eemnes seeks to be energy neutral by 2030. This demonstrator aims to validate a local, blockchain-enabled, peer-to-peer energy market in an operational environment.


During the first three years, the demonstrator size will be between 100-200 participants consisting of households, local businesses and farmers. The ambition is to scale up to 1000 participants within Eemnes over a period of ten (10) years. The demonstrator will include high energy-efficient dwellings and several municipal buildings.

Pilot objectives

The municipality has been granted an exemption to Dutch Electricity Laws by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (2018-2027). The exemption will allow operating a peer-to-peer energy trading system. This system will be a national (and potentially European) first in realising dynamic pricing in a prosumer environment (P2P trading).


Technical Details

Eemnes, The Netherlands - Eemnes
Production & Storage
Solar panels, Storage batteries
-10% LCOE, +20% RES, 8, 20% Social participation
Energy Demand
Electricity consumption
3.410 kWh/y per dwelling
Storage and optimisation systems
250 Smart Meters
250 Gateways
1 Battery
Trading platform
2.920 kWh/y per dwelling
Energy Supply created
Solar panels
1.200 kWh/y per dwelling
Savings in Tons of Co2
114,9 tCO2

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