RENAISSANCE will mature its approach through three tiers of demonstrators, which will bring its TRL from level 6 (Technology demostration) to level 9 (system test, launch and operations). Starting from the one in Brussels, RENAISSANCE will be demonstrated in further three demonstrator pilot sites.

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System analysis and design

Objective 1



Objective 2


As first step already at project start, energy communities will be actively engaged in the Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) to evaluate demonstrator’s business ecosystems, promoting consumer/prosumer participation and building consensus around site-specific new business cases.

Secondarily demonstrators will be analysed with a multi energy site analysis tool, a software already used to optimize LES configuration, to set the basis for the design process of the Renaissance Energy Island Software Replicator, namely ReEnergise.

Thanks to the open-source public data available from theVrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB), such enhanced tool will turn energy flows between nodes into monetary values and spatial information will help assess profitability of new business models. As a result, for any type of microgrid considered, it will provide energy communities an informed guidance and increase overall efficiency.



Objective 3


Based on a secure, interoperable and scalable blockchain architecture the RENAISSANCE platform will be developed to interconnect all existing demonstrators’ energy vectors into a unique decentralized multi-vector energy services market where consumers/prosumers will interact and perform financial actions defined by smart contracts, which limits are established in real time.

The platform will regulate the energy service trade market dynamically and transparently ensuring effective operations at minimum cost. At the end of this phase, the set of solutions provided will be used to simulate additional scenarios of energy interactions and help identifying those barriers hindering energy island potentials.


Objective 4


In this phase the set of tools improved along the project will be validated by partners through the design and operation of local energy systems in the four Pilot Sites, where technical, energetic, economic and social aspects are considered under market realistic circumstances.

Moreover, the hardware/software infrastructure will be rolled-out to validate the security of the financial transactions and the stakeholders’ level of acceptance and involvement.


Objective 5


Replicability is a core objective of the project. Providing a set of solutions enabling the analysis and management of energy islands, software solutions and ICT integration, RENAISSANCE will help optimizing design and operation, minimizing LLCOE and infrastructure investments.

Virtual demonstrators in Eastern and Southern Europe, India, South America, and Africa will demonstrate the value of RENAISSANCE set of solutions to any type of local energy system at any country.



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