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Manzaneda, Spain


Site overview

Manzaneda is a municipality in the eastern province of Ourense, in the Galicia region of north-west Spain. The site is a remote rural village and ski resort consisting of 163 private households, 53 apartments owned by MEISA Hotel which are rented to tourists, the commercial premises and related facilities (ski lifts, commercial area, shops, restaurant, swimming pool, multi sports hall, water treatment plant, artificial snow guns).


The community of Manzaneda hosts different end users: the resort hosts over 100.000 visitors per year and around 900 inhabitants are settled permanently. Depending on the season, many of the local citizens are employed by MEISA to run the activities and offer services to incoming tourists.

Pilot Objectives

The pilot site at Manzaneda is operated by MEISA, a public ownership company created in order to operate the Manzaneda Ski Resort. The organisation is responsible for the electrical energy supply of the Ski Resort and for the operation and maintenance of the distribution grid. The energy community will explore a simulation of time-of-use energy tariffs. It will be one of the first sites in Spain where the new law on self-consumption (Real Decreto-ley 15/2018) is applied in real-life conditions. The data collected will be integrated into the local energy community business case development.

In Manzaneda pilot site smart-meters will record real-time energy consumption of both heat and electricity. One e-vehicles charging station and a caravan parking electrical supply infrastructure will be installed to increase locally produced energy usage also during warmer seasons. A demand-response matching program will be tested, while electricity storage (battery) and heat storage P2H will be implemented in order to reduce consumption of electricity from the main grid. Furthermore, local incentives will encourage private consumers to “play the game”, optimising their common time-dependent consumption schemes and demand-response actions. The ambition is that of optimising the distribution of energy during the peak hours and increasing its use during low energy cost periods. The cost of energy will be calculated in one or few given smart-contract scenarios, optimised for the whole energy community and compared to actual cost for the consumers.

Technical Details

Manzaneda, Spain - Manzaneda
Rural, Ski resort
Production and Storage
Biomass district heating, PV powered Ski-Lift, EV charging point PV+EVs
+15% RES uptake Responsible Tourism Social participation
Energy Demand
Electricity consumption
4.334 MWh/year
Storage and optimisation systems
Batteries: 42 KWh
1 Electric Vehicle
4.109 MWh/Year
Energy Supply created
Solar panels
5.96 MWa
225 MWh/y
Savings in Tons of Co2
195 tCO2/y

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