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Join our final event in Brussels on the 19th of October

by Stella Arapoglou, project coordination team @Vrije Universiteit Brussels


Save the Date | Renaissance final event

Good ideas for your energy community | 19th October 2022


The time to share broadly results and experiences with our community of followers has come, join our final event in Brussels! Take the opportunity to meet all our partners, external stakeholder group members and other members of future energy communities. As usual, we will find a balance between presentations, keynotes and free interaction, to ensure there is time for you to get engaged in discussions around the project approach and results. Last but not least, we are organising several interactive sessions, from more technical ones to board games.

Pre-registrations are open:



RENAISSANCE H2020 - policy workshop

Morning session

09:00 | After a short project introduction by the project coordinator prof. Thierry Coosemans, Achille Hannoset from DG Energy  will present the latest advancements and strategies at the EU level that will impact future energy communities and the scientific research. A second expert keynote by Andrzej Rajkiewitz from NAPE Poland will focus on the energy landscape in Poland and key takeaways from the citizens’ interaction with the project.

10:00 | TOOLS PRESENTATION – Therefore all the digital tools developed by RENAISSANCE to support the deployment and management of energy communities will be shortly presented on screen:

10:20 | To keep suspence very high, Antje Nettelbeck from Bax&Co will then lead a time challenging pecha-kucha, engaging you (and presenting partners CERTH, IKERLAN and CIRCE) in a quick-tour across the different aspects of the project linked with blockchain technologies.

11:00 | EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL PILOT SITES TOUR AND FLIPCHART GAMES – Shortly after the coffee break some time is dedicated to the exploration of pilot sites and worldwide replication sites… on large “speaking-posters”. What does it mean? A sticky-quiz flipchart challenge will glue your eyes on the posters… but don’t be afraid: an informed partner will be there to help you solve the enigmas!

Mid-day session

12:00 | PANEL SESSION FROM H2020 PROJECTS – “The challenge of data collection in flexible energy markets: H2020 projects compare experiences and lessons learnt” – At noon a more serious but no less interesting panel moderated by VUB will put together views and lessons learnt from different European projects facing data-sharing issues: how have problems been addressed by each research team and what are the future propositions to ensure a better efficiency and interoperability?

12:30 | INDUSTRY OVERVIEW – “Voices from the field, a market landscape” The session, run by Duccio Baldi from Enco Italy, will allow participating industry representatives add their perspective from the market landscape.  Typical questions will be:

  • What are the main barriers encountered by newly established energy communities?
  • How can market actors actually support them?
  • What viable business cases are there for the different market actors?
Afternoon session

14:00 | INTERACTIVE BOARD GAME “Can you RENew it?” – To collect feedback in a fun way, the last session organised by Rebecca Hueting and Nikolas Giampaolo, members of the dissemination and engagement team from Deep Blue Italy will allow practice exchange through a team-based board game. Will you be able to kick-off a new energy community by conquering the trust of new members?

REN Final Event Presentation(8)

Join us:


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