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Designing the transition strategy of RENAISSANCE pilot sites

by Petros Iliadis – Research Assistant and Nikos Nikolopoulos – Senior Researcher, CERTH
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During last months our team started designing the transition strategy of RENAISSANCE pilot sites. Since the success of any ambitious project requires the detailed design of the corresponding plan and the accurate evaluation of the results, we developed an Implementation Plan. Its purpose is to guide us through the process of energy transition in the RENAISSANCE pilot sites, aiming to identify potential barriers and lay the ground to high technical and social impact.

How is the Implementation Plan structured?

The structure of the Implementation plan is composed of two main categories:

    • demonstration framework
    • monitoring and evaluation framework

The figure below describes the main points of this transition strategy. The demonstration framework proposes the demonstration management structure and defines the corresponding roles (Pilot Site Manager and Solutions Leaders). Additionally, it describes the main procurement tools and presents the specific procurement timeframe for each pilot site. The procurement includes: the communication and knowledge exchange activities, the planning of citizen engagement and co-creation activities, the definition of an Action Plan per each solution, and guidelines for business modelling and financing.

The monitoring and evaluation framework describes the potential processes and tools, which will help monitoring the performance and progress of activities. The combination of all these topics, as well as a compact monitoring and data management, will ensure the integrity of the results that provide the appropriate feedback for the evaluation of the proposed solutions through the calculation of the KPIs.

REN_monitoring evaluation framework

Who is going to make use of the Implementation Plan?

Firstly the Implementation plan is going to be used by the demonstration coordination teams, followed by decision makers, existing and potential stakeholders and last but not least, citizens in all RENAISSANCE pilot site ecosystems. Even before its finalisation, the work done in this task (T5.2) will support all partners and especially the pilot sites operators, as a general guide towards the implementation and evaluation of the solutions proposed by RENAISSANCE project.

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