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Online engagement in Beli Bartoka

by Katarzyna Rajkiewicz @NAPE Poland

During the pandemic restrictions, a lot of workshops could only take place online. This is the reason why we did online engagment in Beli Bartoka. The polish replication sites Beli Bartoka is a residential building with 128 apartments housing 1500 residents, 4 commercial premises and 150 square meters of underground garages. The building gets frequently modernized with the goal of reducing the overall energy consumption.

The residents are well known for their open-mindedness to innovative solutions and one of the ambitions of the association is to become energy independent. The main objective of the RENAISSANCE workshop was to discuss viable solutions for the creation of an energy community to achieve such independence. As a conclusion, the inhabitants decided that increasing the capacity of a PV plant is positive from an economic and climatic point of view.

During the online sessions which took place between February and April 2022 attendees received essential information about the project and about the MAMCA stakeholder engagement methodology.

Read more about the MAMCA methodology:

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The information and analysis, done jointly with the Szaserow community, will be here reported shortly:

  • Administrative barriers strongly deter the emergence of LCEs in Poland
  • There are still strong regulatory limitations (nationally and regionally)
  • Data collection can be heavily interrupted due to hardware and software issues, not dependent on end-users or building managers.

Figures show the results of the MCA online workshop for Beli Bartoka. Similarly to Szaserow, the biggest EC performs the best on the stated objectives. While the scenario of renting external space for installing PV does not affect grid stability or return on investment, in performs better in terms of increasing renewables and energy autonomy while reducing the energy bill.

Szaserow report

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