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Bèli Bartoka

Beli Bartoka

The Beli Bartoka dwelling is a residential building with 128 apartments units, 4 commercial premises and 150 square meters of underground garages. The building gets frequently modernized with the goal of reducing the overall energy consumption. Throughout the years the following innovations have been installed:

  • 2015 | Modernization of lighting – replacement of fluorescent lamps for LED lamps
  • 2016 | Installation of the reactive power compensation system
  • 2017 | Construction of a photovoltaic installations with a capacity of 4.16kW plus 8.58kW
  • 2021 | Replacement of LED lighting in elevators
  • 2022 | 2kW wind turbine – under construction


Planned interventions are:

  • 2022 | 150 electric vehicles chargers in the underground garage
  • 2023 | Installation of a main advanced energy meter outside the building
  • 2023 | Additional photovoltaic power installation


The inhabitants are well known for their openness for new solutions and one of the next ambitions of the association is to become energy independent. The main objective of the workshop in April 2022 was to discuss possible solutions for creation of energy community in order to achieve such independence. As a conclusion the inhabitants decided that increasing the capacity of a PV plant is positive from an economic and climatic point of view.

The main factors in favor of the creation of an energy community are:

  • above average household incomes
  • regular meetings of the Associations (being part of the community, active participation is already a part of their routine)
  • decommissioning of energy meters belonging to the energy distributor
  • increased PV power potentially installed on balconies

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