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WEBINAR #2 | Storage: The Holy Grail of Energy Transition

WEBINAR #2 | Storage: The Holy Grail of Energy Transition

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The second RENAISSANCE webinar titled “STORAGE: The Holy Grail of Energy Transition” will be about the transition to renewable energies uptake through thermal storage technologies, involving our UK-Chinese partner Sunamp and DUTH University from Greece. Sunamp is a leader in thermal storage systems while DUTH is the Democritus University of Thrace. DUTH’s Kimmeria campus has been the testing field for innovative thermal storage technologies, with the direct participation of students.

Thu Jul 7, 2022 11:30am – 1pm (CEST)

Draft Agenda:

  • 0’-5’ welcome people and introduce our speakers today (each speaker makes a 30 s self-introduction)
  • 5’ – 10’ Renaissance project introduction
  • 10’ – 45’ Professor Botsaris’s presentation (by Pantelis Mpotsaris – The Holy Grail of Energy by 2050: Storage)
  • 45’ – 55’ Sunamp presentation (by Tianyue Li): The core of thermal storage – PCM
  • 55’ – 65’ Sunamp presentation (by Maurizio Zaglio PhD): application of thermal storage and Kimmeria Pilot site explanation.
  • 65’ – 80’ Q&A


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