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Smart contracts’ design and implementation

by Milo Aitor, PhD researcher at IKERLAN


Recently the smart contracts’ design and implementation deliverable D3.2. for the development of the RENAISSANCE energy services and markets has been submitted. Eight energy markets’ smart contracts have been presented: two version of peer-to-peer energy market, load demand side management market, DNO flexibility services market, social energy supply service, energy storage sharing market, control of power exchange with the main grid market and electric vehicles renting service.

The “4+1” view model has been used to describe the architecture of the software. Moreover, a governance model allows the LEC members to hold coins for trading energy in the community and a notary interaction has been also developed and described.

All the smart contracts’ software have been outlined and coded in golang in Hyperledger fabric in order to be executed in the RENAISSANCE blockchain.

IKERLAN D3.2 smartcontracts

The detailed deliverable has been developed by IKERLAN, CERTH and CIRCE with the collaboration of VuB, BAX, DUTH and EXELERIA.

Ikerlan and CIRCE have presented the comparative of a local energy community – based on P2P trading – in different geographical points of Spain, in terms of levels of energy autarky and economic benefits, at the VII Smart Grids Congress on 16th of December 2020.

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