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Pilot’s story: Jette – Bring on the challenge!

by Shary Heuninckx, EnerJettic project leader – Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Here we go with our second Pilot’s story in Jette: bring on the challenge! During November 2020 in students’ dormitories smart meters and sensors have been installed. The EnerJettic project launch basically invited campus’ students to join energy consumption challenges and online surveys. The past weeks a lot of hard work has been done to install energy metering devices on the premise of the VUB University Campus in Jette. Currently, a single student housing block has become the test site for some exciting Renaissance energy challenges in the next two years, gathered under the project name EnerJettic.

Enerjettic Option B

VUB Jette Campus building A 2020

To increase students’ awareness of their electricity and heating consumption behavior they will get the chance to enter an energy competition. At least once a month they will receive some tips and a specific energy-saving mission. This gives them the opportunity to win sustainable prizes and play a small part on our way to an energy neutral world.

VUB's smart metering system VUB's smart metering system








The installed metering devices will send their data to a dashboard on which the energy use and savings can be monitored. This allows the students to keep an eye on their electricity and heating use at all times, and see how they are doing in comparison with their fellow collegers.

The gathered data will allow researchers to keep track of which measures and challenges create an actual shift in behavior, and how long these effects lasts. This is useful information to determine future large-scale strategies to stimulate energy savings. Creating a sustainable energy system not only means generating more renewables, but also focusing on a more efficient use of our available resources. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in the upcoming months the EnerJettic challenges will aim at actions that can be taken individually and also outside student homes. In 2021-2022 a year-long competition will be set up in which students team up in groups of 4 to become the energy saving champions of VUB.


Visit the EnerJettic webpage:

EnerJettic webpage


Watch the Enerjettic video:


If you are curious about technical details of all pilot sites, explore our online interactive presentation:

RENAISSANCE interactive presentation


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