October 10, 2019 / Category: Project Updates

Prosumers are brought to the forefront through RENAISSANCE

by Stella Arapoglou, Project Manager, Vrije Universiteit Brussels – VUB


A prosumer is someone that both consumes and produces a product. While there are different types of prosumers, RENAISSANCE adopts the definition of the European Parliament Think Tank: we refer to prosumers as the stakeholders that produce the energy required for their household or business to operate.


According to RENAISSANCE’s objectives, prosumers need to be actively engaged to the local energy market, to enhance and motivate energy trading. To that end, RESAISSANCE will develop specialized tools, through the intense cooperation of a vastly experienced Partnership.

A set of innovative tools developed within the project include: multi-actor multi-criteria of technical design, geo-locations and interoperable management platform. To demonstrate replicability and to open the role to market, we will apply the approach to ten more locations across the globe – including in India, the US, the UK and Poland. The MOBI team of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is now joining forces with the Brussels Health Campus to apply its technological expertise for microgrids and energy islands.

More info about MAMCA methodology in RENAISSANCE:

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