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Lacor, Uganda


Lacor, Uganda

St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor is a private, non-profit Ugandan hospital, whose mission is to guarantee affordable medical services, especially to the neediest. The hospital is both providing medical care to the local population, but also serves as a training institute for nurses and doctors. Behind the Lacor Hospital is an incredible story. A Canadian-Italian couple, Drs. Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti, gave their lives to Lacor, developing it from a small bush hospital into a major health complex. One of the interesting aspects of the hospital is that it has an intricate internal electrical system that can operate as an island which is very comparable to the Belgian pilot site, the Brussels Health Campus. The site in Gulu already has a few solar PV systems, back-up generators and a well-organized internal grid and a connection to the local public distribution network.

The workshop will happen live on-site and is planned for Wednesday May 18th 2022 with Thursday 19th as a spare day. This will be a typical MAMCA workshop with a group of 12 people from several stakeholders of the hospital, the fundraising foundation (Corti), the local DSO called UMEME and staff members. The goal is to explore the results and scenarios of the surveys and data analytics which were compiled prior to the meeting and then work with this group to find a consensus that prioritises the proposed energy scenarios.


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