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In the context of the Reinassance project, project partners agreed to organize several online webinars focusing on the results and technical innovations proposed, to inform and share practical knowledge with external people interested in energy communities and the necessary steps to take towards their creation. The webinars will give involved partners the possibility to showcase their R&D approach and added value to the research.

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WEBINAR #1 Women are drivers of the energy transition sector

DUTH University members addressing gender issues, barriers and opportunities in the energy transition era, with women as drivers for innovation in Greece and beyond.

23rd June 2022

2022 06 DUTH Women in Energy

WEBINAR #2 The Holy Grail of Energy
How does Sunamp’s thermal storage technology contribute to the renewable energies transition, energetic system optimisation and decarbonisation of DUTH’s Kimmeria campus. 
07th July 2022
WEBINAR #3 | Handful tools for future Local Energy Communities’ Members

How CERTH and CIRCE collaboratively developed user-friendly tools to engage citizens in new RECs and CECs

Thu July 21, 2022

Details and Agenda

2022 07 CERTH CIRCE Tools webinar



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