August 21, 2019 / Category: Internal Meetings

WP5 Meeting in Madrid 29th July 2019 – short report

On 29th of July the WP5 members joined the meeting in Madrid, coordinated by Miguel Fontela who started introducing tasks and work to be done, taking into consideration interactions with other WPs.

During the whole morning each Pilot Site leader had the chance to give updates about status of data collection and KPIs definition:

  • Miguel Fontela (EXE) for Manzaneda;
  • Kostas Lymperopoulos (DUTH) for Kimmeria;
  • Rolf Bastiaanssen (BAX) for Eemnes;
  • Ander Gonzalez (VUB) for Brussels.

Thereafter Maria Lode, from VUB, explained how the MAMCA methodology will be applied in this first phase for the collection of stakeholders’ needs and definition of criteria.

After lunch Pilot Site leaders were engaged in a visual activity by Rebecca Hueting (DBL), in order to collect inputs for the graphic development of concept images representing energy assets of each site.

The remaining part of the afternoon was dedicated to technical discussions among WP5 members.

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