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Supporting local energy communities step by step

by Maarja Meitern and Valentina Zea – Innovation Advisors – Bax & Company


The RENAISSANCE project aims to deliver a set of tools and services supporting the set up of local energy communities (LEC) at any stage of development. In spring 2020, the RENAISSANCE partners worked to define where in the LEC set-up pathway each RENAISSANCE products and services can contribute. Here are just a few of the services RENAISSANCE brings to LEC stakeholders:


Once the journey to establish a new LEC starts, the involved community is challenged by several barriers, both on the technical and legal side. RENAISSANCE can help those communities solve them seamlessly with the help of the portfolio of tools and services. In the early stages, an appropriate consensus with all the stakeholders is necessary. The MAMCA software, developed by VUB, simplifies the prioritisation of different stakeholders’ specific objectives by understanding their wants and needs. The software helps partners visualise their different perceptions in a clear and structured way.

Another challenge LEC developers face is the selection of profitable technology solutions, mainly due to the lack of technical knowledge and financial capacity. Starke Energy introduces the concept of Storage-as-a-Service as a solution to this problem, allowing the deployment of cleaner, cheaper and more flexible energy systems. Atos has been developing an open-source energy data and services management platform. Through blockchain the ReEnergise platform safely collects data, enables the integration of edge services and provides advanced energy services to LEC managers, utilities or network operators.

These are just some examples of how RENAISSANCE is supporting local energy communities with its exploitable results. As part of its expertise, Bax & Company has facilitated the creation of an initial exploitation strategy for all partners. It’s a strategy that includes the definition of target groups, tailored activities, and channels that pursuit to achieve a successful engagement with the different stakeholders who could benefit from RENAISSANCE’s work. Additionally, with a strong focus on creating strategies for bringing those products to market, Bax & Company will be conducting a more detailed market analysis to help the project results reach energy communities around the world.


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