January 14, 2020 / Category: Project Updates

Distributed ledger technologies tested in local energy communities

by Javier Valiño, Energy Sector, Atos Research and Innovation

During this year 2020, distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and blockchain testing will take place in four European local energy communities. Innovative DLT and blockchain are currently hot topics in the global research agenda, but no large deployments are in place so far. One of the RENAISSANCE project goals is to fill this gap, focusing on providing beyond state-of-the-art smart contract design and business modelling. Atos Research and Innovation, as technology and platform provider, is supporting to make a further step beyond usual energy services.

Being more specific, RENAISSANCE will represent a testing point for most recent DLT. Thanks to the contribution of all technical partners, a toolset for the optimization of the local energy communities trading system wil be designed and tested in four RENAISSANCE pilot sites. They are located in Spain, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands.

Through the RENAISSANCE Information Platform, the customised modules developed will be able to access, store and manage data from the real life pilots involved. Building such dataset will pave the way towards the inclusion of novel innovative services, allowing the validation of already existing modules through the usage of actual – yet safe and anonymized – data. Amazing challenges are ahead of us: we look forward to start and collect first results!

Find out more about the RENAISSANCE project methodologies or read about Atos’s role in the project (in Spanish)

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credits: Tabitha Mort from Pexels


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