April 14, 2021 / Category: New resource

Five project papers published

During the late months all our partners have been working hard on the final phases of hardware implementation and with the testing of data collection tools. Thanks to the RENAISSANCE platform, all collected information will be used to fine-tune the tools and the overall RENAISSANCE approach.

If you wish to get into the details of our work, don’t be afraid: there are five open access project papers published by our partners!

Find them all in this website’s resources section.

  1. Developing a Business Case for a Renewable Energy Community in a Public Housing Settlement in Greece – The Case of a Student Housing and Its Challenges, Prospects and Barriers
  2. RENAISSANCE paper: Application of Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis for Transition Management in Energy Communities
  3. RENAISSANCE paper: Beyond the State of the Art of Electric Vehicles: A Fact-Based Paper of the Current and Prospective Electric Vehicle Technologies
  4. RENAISSANCE paper (in Spanish): RENAISSANCE – Nuevos mercados y modelos de desarrollo para las comunidades locales de energia
  5. RENAISSANCE paper (in Greek): Student residence’s energy community operation assessment in Democritus Univeristy of Thrace

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